Frequently Asked Questions

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Here are some of our most frequently asked questions, if you can’t find your answers or need clarification on something please contact us.

Q. What do you do at an event or what is your style?

What do you do at an event?

This is the question we receive most frequently from clients who have never seen us before.

The answer is simply, whatever you would like us to do, is not about “what we do”, it is about “what you would like us to do for you.”

Your idea of a great DJ can be another person’s worst nightmare.

The playlist for each function we provide entertainment for is designed to meet your exact specifications.

It is this attention to detail and personal preference that assures the success of your event.

Q. What areas do you service?

Our Service Areas

We hire DJs to Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Moreton Bay and Cooloola Regions.

We are also happy to go outside these areas and often do, contact us for details.

Q. Do you offer Photo Booths?

Photo Booths? Yes.

Our sister business All Star Photo Booths offers discounts when booked in conjunction with a Allstar DJ.

Q. Will I receive a booking agreement?

Booking Agreements are a must.

Yes, every client that books us to perform at their function will receive a booking agreement that details all the details and requirements pertaining to the event.

If a DJ will not give you a written agreement, then you are best off to keep looking. An agreement protects both parties. Always get a written booking agreement.

Q. Do you require a deposit and is it refundable?

Your deposit is fully refundable.

Once you booking is made we will send you a booking agreement and deposit is required within 10 days as well as the return of the booking agreement. Your deposit is fully refundable if you need to cancel for any reason, there is also no fees to change your date.

The amount of deposit is dependant on services booked.

Q. What payment methods do you prefer?

Payment is by internet transfer.

We will accept cash at the begining of your event to be arranged at least 7 days prior to the function.

Tax Invoices will be supplied on request.

Q. What is the booking process and time line?

Once a Booking is made a booking agreement and an information and song selection form will be sent to you.

Your booking will be held for 10 days for you to return the booking agreement and to make the deposit.

We will acknowledge the return of the booking agreement and the receipt of the deposit.

Feel free to contact us at any with any questions we are here for you.

Then two to three weeks prior to function the information and song selection form is to be returned.

On the week prior to function we will contact you and go over the function details with you as well as your song selections.

On the day of the function we will be there ready to start at the agreed time knowing we have all the right information and details.

Q. How will the Disc Jockey dress?

Our DJs will always dress well to suit your occassion from formal black tie through to smart casual or as requested by you on our booking confirmation form.

Q. Can my DJ act as MC and is there any extra charge for that?

Our DJs have the skills and experience to act as you MC and to do any announcements you require it is all part of our service and there is no extra charge.

Q. What music will be played at my function?

We play the style of music that you select and with your permission the requests made by you and your guests on the night.

On our information and song selection form, you can indicate specific musical requests and what styles of music you feel is appropriate (and also what styles are inappropriate) for your function.

We use this information along with our professional judgment in selecting music and in honoring or declining specific requests.

Your no play list will honoured.

Q. Can I bring my own music?


However our music collection is quite large and does include most common requests.

However, if you give us a request in advance (at least 2 weeks), we will make every effort to obtain it for you.

If arranged before your event we can connect an i-pod or similar to our systems and we can also play special music from phones supplied by you or your guests. Just let us know what you need, so we can have the right connectors. 

Q. When will the DJ be arriving to set up?

We normally arrive 75 – 90 minutes before the begining of your event, if you require us to set up earlier wait time is availible at half the normal extra time rate.

75 – 90 minutes allows ample time to be completely setup, a sound check to be carried out and elimination of any potential problems prior to the begining of your event.

Q. What type of sound and lighting equipment will be used?

We use computer based digital music systems together with professional sound and lighting equipment.

Inferior equipment, often homemade, used in an effort to cut costs, can result in static, inadequate bass, distortion and generally poor sound.

Q. Do you display any banners or other advertisements?

Absolutely not.

We pride ourselves on being elegant. While referral business is always very much appreciated, we feel that our services speak for themselves. We therefore do not display any banners, logos, or signs on any of the equipment or elsewhere in the function room nor place any business cards on the dinner tables. Should any of your guests wish a business card for future reference, one will be discreetly provided to them on their request.

Q. Does the DJ require a meal?

Yes , Weddings and functions are a lengthy so if you are able to supply the DJ with a meal it would be greatly appreciated, a table seat is not required.

We are grateful for your hospitality.

Q. Are lights included?

We always supply dance floor lighting (unless requested not to) it helps to create the atmosphere.

Q. What if I have more questions?

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.