Want to take your Wedding or Event to the next level?

WOW moments just got bigger!

Dancing on a Cloud and Cold Spark Machines added to those big stand out moments of your wedding or event will create an unforgettable experience for you and your guests.

Our wedding DJs are trained to and will control the timing and location for the best use of our special effects, so you get the most out of them.

Allstar DJ Hire offers Dancing on a Cloud, Cold Spark Machines(Simulated Fireworks), Smoke Machines and Up Lighting. This is in addition to our normal dance floor lighting.


Cold Spark Machines

Dancing on a Cloud

We will be adding more special effects as time goes by , for the latest or for more information where and when these effects can be used  e-mail or contact us.

Dancing on a Cloud

Want your first dance to look and feel like you are on Cloud?

The “Dancing on a Cloud” special effect adds a beautiful blanket of low-lying fog which is perfect way to create a amazing moment during your first dance or any other special dance at your wedding or event.

The effect is created by using low Fog Machines and special lighting.

Dancing on a cloud in the Cellar at Sandstone Point Hotel
Cold Spark Bridal entry Sunshine Beach SLSC2

Cold Spark Machines

One of the latest special effects for your wedding reception. 

You can just hear and see the excitement from your guests with this effect.  Cold spark machines produces a fantastic, non-hazardous effect that looks like traditional fireworks or pyrotechnics.

Looks amazing when used for your grand entrance, your cake cutting and or bridal dance.

Up- Lighting

Up Lighting change the look & feel of any area with the creative use these wireless battery powered lights.

There are no ugly cables over the floor, your DJ will control them remotely and with virtualy millions of colours to choose from we can cange to look and feel of your event space.

The light can change from static colour to moving colours during your your dance and party time creating a whole new feel to your event.

One of the manty up lighting colours DJ Hire Special Effects